Women STEM Role Models to Follow

In past episodes, we’ve discussed the need for female role models in STEM fields as a way of bridging the gender gap and allowing female STEM careers to be more open. This is an incredibly important topic in the STEM fields to allow for more inclusion, to erase the pay gap in genders, and to allow female STEM leaders to stay in the STEM fields longer.

There are not enough female role models in the STEM fields, but those that do exist deserve to be celebrated. That’s why episode 26 of This Green Planet is about a few of my favorite female STEM role models! 

In this episode of This Green Planet, I’m sharing the importance of celebrating female Role Models in STEM fields and shedding light on a few of them. 

 I cover the following female role models: 

  • Rashi Khurana – Shutterstock’s Vice President of Engineering
  • Liz Sarah – Chair of the National Women’s Business Council
  • Jordana Abraham – Founder of Betches
  • Maria C. Carrillo – Chief Science Officer of the Alzheimer’s Association
  • Annie Chow – CEO of AT&T Business
  • Sonya Reed – A Nissan Vice President

My goal in this new series is to provide motivating and relatable examples of women in STEM fields so that you may share them with younger generations or be inspired to pursue STEM fields further yourself. Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on sustainable, STEM business practices and to hear even more about the points outlined above.

Thank you for listening!

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